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Such a Fuss about a Lemon by Maureen Kendler z"l

All proceeds to the Maureen Kendler Memorial Trust.

This volume has been eagerly awaited by friends, pupils, colleagues and everyone who mourns and misses Maureen Kendler, who died in February 2018. It is a follow-up from All Spoons and No Elbows, which was a compilation of her scripts for BBC Radio 2's Pause for Thought. This beautifully produced volume collects her work from a wide variety of settings, such as The Jewish Chronicle, Jewish Renaissance and the Jewish Quarterly, and also some of her well-attended lectures at Limmud and elsewhere. Her voice lives on in these teachings and broadcasts, inspiring us and offering us once again her unique insights into Judaism and her passion for literature.

Uri Berkowitz of Maven Design has achieved a pleasing mix of styles, as befits an anthology; his skill is evident in the stylish illustrations and artwork.


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