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About Me

I’m Merrill, and I’m happy to be relaunching BookShuk with a brand new website so that you can buy your Jewish books from me.
The list has been expanded and now includes a great many novels, biographies, and books of many kinds.  They can be found in Collections. There are reviews of each book, just click More Details to read them. Keep clicking through to your basket if you want to buy!
Of course, if you want a Yomtov Machsor, or Siddur, or a Chumash, or if you know what you want, just find it in Quick Buy, or give me the title in Contact Me.   
As you can see, I have a section specifically for Pinner connections, where local writers and poets, and people you may know will appear.   
The blog at the bottom of the HomePage will let you know as soon as new books come along, or if there is any other Jewish book-related news or events.
You can contact me at either
If you don’t see the book that you are looking for on the site, I can usually find it for you.   
Extra Bookshuk features: If you belong to a book club and want to find members, please ask.  
If you want to write a book review and let people know that you found a great book, please write 200 words for this site and I will blog it.  
If you are a Pinner writer, please contact me so we can publicise you.
Welcome to Bookshuk! 
Your link between your Jewish Community, Pinner, and Books.
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