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All Spoons and No Elbows by Maureen Kendler z"L

All proceeds to the Maureen Kendler Memorial Trust

This is the beautiful book of Maureen's Radio 2 "Pause for Thought" broadcasts, published after her untimely death in 2018 at the age of only 62.

I am drawing it to your attention again because it suddenly occurred to me that the strangeness of the title may not have been explained to you, and that it may be off-putting. Unless you know Jewish folklore.

Here is her explanation, in the final story which is about Jewish attitudes to death, written in 2006. Maureen writes:

"In hell and heaven, human beings cannot bend their elbows, everyone has short arms and long spoons. There's soup. In hell, the people are starving, because they are trying to feed themselves. In heaven, each person feeds their neighbour...............essentially heaven and hell are the same as each other; the trick is to work out what to do to make the best of the situation and survive."

Every penny raised from this book goes to the Maureen Kendler Education Trust to assist Jewish women undertaking advanced studies in Judaism. A cause she so passionately believed in.


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