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From PInner's own Leonie Lewis MBE, her collecting story.  There is no other book like it on the market. Many of us, for the  past ten years,  have been putting our coins in her Harrow Mencap collecting tin outside the supermarkets around the area, and heard her cheery hellos as we try and slink past without "seeing" her, and her fellow collectors.  Now her secrets of successful tin-rattling are out. This book gives you her considerable wisdom on the art of maximising your opportunities to collect more for your charity.   Even in the new cashless society, there is hope for anyone who has ever rattled a tin or bucket to help a charity.  Excellent value, and one pound from each sale goes to Harrow Mencap.  Order now and be among the first - this is going to be a best seller.  Orders will be delivered if you pay now and  leave an  address.

The Tin Lady by Leonie Lewis

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