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The Magician's Visit

Author: Barbara Diamond Goldin, I L Peretz Illustrated by Eva Sánchez Gómez


An evocative retelling of a classic Jewish tale by I. L. Peretz – one of the greatest classical Yiddish writers of all time

Teaches the importance of generosity, kindness and hospitality.

A perfect tale for introducing young ones to the lessons of Pesach.

For ages 4–8


Jonah and Rebecca have fallen on hard times and as Passover approaches, they cannot afford any of the things they need to celebrate the festival.

“God will come to our aid,” Jonah insists, even on Seder night as the house is dark and his table empty. When a magician knocks on their door asking to join their Seder, they are unable to oblige, but the stranger is undeterred. “I have brought the Seder with me” he claims, snapping his fingers to produce two lit candlesticks.

At the magician’s command, the house is transformed, and the table is laid with everything Rebecca and Jonah could need for a perfect Seder and a fabulous Passover feast. But is this all a magician’s illusion or could it be the heavenly intervention by the prophet Elijah?

The Magician’s Visit has been adapted from a classic folktale by I. L. Peretz – one of the greatest Yiddish writers of all time. Written by acclaimed children’s author Barbara Diamond Goldin and with beautiful new illustrations by award-winning illustrator Eva Sánchez Gómez, this is a spellbinding retelling of a much-loved tale.

About the Author

Isaac Leib Peretz (1852–1915) was one of the greatest classical Yiddish-language writers of all time. Some of his most important works are Oyb Nisht Nokh Hekher (If Not Higher), Bontshe Shvayg (Bontsche the Silent) and Der Kuntsenmakher (The Magician), from which The Magician’s Visit has been adapted.


Barbara Diamond Goldin is an award-winning children’s author who has written picture books, story collections, non-fiction, retellings and historical fiction. In 1997, she received the prestigious Sydney Taylor Body-of-Work Award from the Association of Jewish Libraries for her distinguished contribution to Jewish literature for children. A former preschool teacher, language arts teacher and librarian, she is currently the director of a public library. She also leads writing workshops and speaks about being a writer to school and library groups.

Eva Sánchez Gómez graduated in Fine Arts from University of Barcelona before focusing on illustration in Escola Francesca Bonnemaison. She has illustrated several picture books from across the world and won multiple awards, including the 4th Edelvives International Picture Book Contest for Dip (Spain, 2015) and the first prize of the XIV Concorso Illustratori in Premio Letteratura Ragazzi 39th edition for Dimenticare Berni (Spain, 2018).

NEW BOOK RELEASE               RRP: £12.99ISBN: 9781784386658               32 PAGES · HARDBACK                 PUBLISHED: FEBRUARY 2021               GREEN BEAN BOOKS

The Magician's Visit

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