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Going Rogue (At Hebrew School)

Author: Casey Breton



A laugh-out-loud novel for middle-grade readers.


Explores modern family life and the role of Judaism (or any religion) within it.


For any child who loves Star Wars, science, football, or really anything other than going to religious school.

Ten-year-old Avery Green loves science. He loves football. He is crazy about Star Wars. But Hebrew school? No, thank you. Avery would rather have his arms sliced off with a lightsaber than sit through one more day of Hebrew School. He’s only asked about a million times why he has to go, but no one in his family has managed to convince him.

And then one day, Rabbi Bob shows up. He is strange, but how strange? And strange how? Piecing together some unusual clues, Avery begins to suspect that this new rabbi might be a Jedi master. Armed with something more powerful than a lightsaber, he sets out to reveal the surprising truth.

Going Rogue (at Hebrew School) is a hilarious tale about the deep passions of a 10-year-old boy, Judaism, family, big questions and the surprising journey one can have in pursuit of truth and understanding. A book for any child who questions the purpose of religious school and any parent who has run out of answers.

About the Author

Casey Breton is a former teacher and a recipient of the PJ Our Way Author Incentive Award. As a parent of three children, she has extensive experience answering the question, “Why do we have to go to Hebrew school?” She hopes this helps.

NEW BOOK RELEASE             RRP: £12.99         ISBN: 9781784385392              224 PAGES · PAPERBACKPUBLISHED: OCTOBER 2020                            GREEN BEAN BOOKS


Going Rogue

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