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The Peddler and the Baker

Author: Yael Molchadsky Translated by Annette Appel


Beautifully illustrated picture book for 4-8 year olds.

Retells a classic folktale with warmth and humour.

Teaches the importance of sharing, generosity and kindness and demonstrates the joy and inclusivity of Shabbat.

Includes a recipe for challah.

'The illustration is just as spectacular as the witty text, using appealing muted tones, facial expression, and body language. The artist’s rendition of a bustling, productive, yet general-ly serene town is superb.' - Michal Hoschander Malen, editor of Jewish Book Council

'Beautiful book with a powerful message, with the text and illustrations flowing along like instruments in a concert, each enhancing the other….The illustrations in this book take us a journey all on their own, with glorious endpapers of baking tools… The perfect Shabbat book on so many levels.' - Sandy Wasserman, The Sydney Taylor Shmooze

A poor but happy peddler lives in the attic of a bakery. Whilst he does not have much, he is content with his life. Every morning, he wakes up to the wonderful smell of freshly-baked bread and loudly exclaims his joy through the open window.

The baker, however, grows ever more irate that the peddler should enjoy the smell of his bread without ever paying for it. He asks the Rabbi for help.

The Rabbi summons the peddler and instructs him to return in one week with enough money to pay the baker back for all the times he has enjoyed the smell of his challah. The peddler works harder than ever that week. On Friday morning, when he returns with as much money as he can scrape together, the rabbi takes his coin-pouch and shakes it for the baker to hear. The sound of the coins is payment, the Rabbi says, for the smell of the bread. Sound and smell, just like Shabbat, are free for everyone in the world to enjoy.

A delightful retelling of an inspiring folktale, The Peddler and the Baker teaches the importance of sharing and inclusivity, the beauty of Shabbat and the idea that anyone, regardless of their circumstances, has the right to find joy in the world.

A recipe for challah follows the story.

About the Author

Yael Molchadsky is the director of the Children's and YA department at Israel's Kinneret-Zmora-Dvir publishing house. She has translated picture books from English and German and is a sought-after speaker on Children's and YA literature. The Chameleon that Saved Noah's Ark, her first book for children, was translated into five languages.

Liora Grossman was born in Lithuania during the Soviet regime and immigrated to Israel when she was 5 years old. She graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and has illustrated more than 100 children books in Israel and Europe. She has illustrated food columns in some of Israel’s leading newspapers and teaches Illustration at Holon Institute of Technology.

NEW BOOK RELEASE RRP: £8.99                   ISBN: 9781784384814                          32 PAGES · PAPERBACKPUBLISHED: APRIL 2020               GREEN BEAN BOOKS

The Peddler and the Baker

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