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Striker Boy - meet David Bernstein

come to JW3 on Monday evening February 26th

Jewish footballers dominated European football before WW2, why are Jews only seen in the boardroom today?

Former FA and Man City Chairman David Bernstein explores these questions and more, in conversation with broadcaster Jonny Gould. David offers a unique insight into what’s going on behind the scenes in English football. If you are a fan of the beautiful game then this event promises to be an informative, engaging, and most likely humorous evening.

This event is being run in honour of Jonny Zucker and in partnership with the Striker Boy Campaign. Jonny was a much loved children’s author and member of the Jewish community who tragically took his own life just over a year ago. His popular football thriller Striker Boy has been republished in his memory to raise money for Mind.

The price of admission for this event includes a copy of Striker Boy.

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